Total Station

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Key Points about a Total Station:

    • A Total Station is an electronic/optical Instrument used in modern surveying.
    • A Total Station is an instrument which consists of the following:

i) Distance measuring instrument (EDM).
ii) An angle measuring instrument (Theodolite).
iii) A simple microprocessor.


    • A Total station is designed for measuring of slant distances, horizontal and vertical angles and elevations in topographic and geodetic works.
    •  The measurement results can be recorded into the internal memory, Data can be downloaded from the total station to a computer and application software used to compute results and generate a map of the surveyed area. 
    • A Total Station can be used when:

i) When two points are given.
ii) When only one co-ordinate is given.
iii) When no co-ordinates were given in which case arbitrary system of coordinates can be used.

Accessories for Total Station:

Difference between Manual and Robotic Total Station:

Manual Total Station

Robotic Total Station

A Manual Total Station is less Costly and requires Manual Operation. A Robotic Total Station is more Costly and has a motor so it can be controlled remotely.
A manual total station is a two-person operation such as 2 People can Measure upto 400 points per day. A robotic total station is a one-person operation such as 1 Person can Measures more than 600 points per day.
It is Tough to Stake Out/ Lay out. It is Easy to Stake Out/ Lay out.
The Locking system is Horizontal and Vertical. It has No Locking system.
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