Total Station

Looking to Buy Total Station in India for your Surveying and Constructions need, but Not sure which one to buy? In the guide below, we will address all your queries about a Total Station machine, like what is a Total Station, types of Total Station, how are they works, what are its application, its accessories, its advantage, price & what kind of Total Station will be right for your Business?


What is Total Station?

A Total Station (TS) is an Optical/Electronic Surveying Instrument which is a combination of an Electronic Transit Theodolite with Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) used for Surveying and Building Construction. A Total Station is lightweight and portable machines help you get the correct data you need to ensure quality Surveying & Construction.

A Total Station comprises an integrated microprocessor, electronic data collector, and an integrated storage system which allows it to measure both vertical and horizontal angles and the slope distance from the instrument to a particular point. These measurements to be stored in the device which can be uploaded to a computer for further processing.

What are the Types of Total Station?

There are majorly two types of Total Station:

  1. Manual Total Station: A Manual Total Station is an affordable, reliable, robust total station with accurate angle measurements, dual-axis compensation, and has a powerful reflectorless EDM known to deliver Highly accurate Results. A manual total station does not offer automated features and remote-control operations and it requires 2 People to use, and can typically Measure up to 400 points per day.
    A manual total station further categorized into DOS-based Total Station or Windows-based Total Station.
  2. Robotic Total Station: A Robotic Total Station (RTS) allows a remote-operated total station, which means you only need one operator and can perform far more calculations and inspections in less time than with a Manual Total Station. A robotic total station is more widely used and is suitable for intense mapping and Surveying operations. it requires 1 Person to use and can measure more than 600 points per day.

How a Total Station Works?

A total station is simply a theodolite (Transit) that uses an electronic distance meter (EDM) to measure the distance from the instrument to a certain point. A total station machine is installed over control points with the support of a tripod and then leveled, a tribrach bracket is used to fasten and align the total station together with the tripod. During this time, the mounting of the prism is done on a known height pole. The reflection point of the prism is aligned with the center of the pole on which it has been mounted. Now the power supply and communication cables are connected and the instrument is ready for survey.

When & Where it is required to use a Total Station?

A surveyor and civil engineer can use total station instrument for land surveying, road constructions, buildings, design, mining, topography the survey, geodetic works, Powerline inspections, infrastructure survey, Archaeological Survey, Hydrographic survey, Engineering surveys, & crime scene investigation and more.

A Total Station can be used when:
• When two points are given.
• When only one co-ordinate is given.
• When no co-ordinates were given in which case an arbitrary system of coordinates can be used.


Applications of a Total Station?

• Measurement of horizontal and Vertical Angles.
• Determination of horizontal, slope, and vertical distances.
• Obtain three-dimensional coordinates of a point.
• Detection of the remote object’s elevation.
• Location of the points at a predetermined distance from the gridlines.


Advantage of Total Station?

• A Total Station can be quickly set up on a Tripod with the help of laser plummet.
• It supports local languages.
• A Total Station is equipped with an Onboard area computation program to calculate the area of the field.
• It has a built-in database to save and the data which can also be transferred to a PC.
• The accuracy of measurement is very high, and there are no manual errors involved in reading and recording data.
• Full GIS (Geographic Information System) development.
• It also supports the Computerization of Old Maps.

General Accessories for Total Station:

Total Station Battery
Total Station Charger
Total Station Tripod
Total Station Bipod
Total Station Prism
Prism Poles
Data Cables
Tribrach Set

Total Station price?

A Total Station comes in various shapes, sizes, functionalities, and applications in India, you can buy total station in a range of 3,000,00 INR to 30,000,00 INR. For the specific price of a particular total station Call us at +91-9112691126

Which Total Station to buy?

Below are the mentioned criteria’s that you should consider before buying a Total Station:

The complexity of Work: If the work requires higher and most accurate output then opt for Robotic Total Station, for a simple survey, a Manual Total Station will suffice.

Budget: For a basic manual total station with 5-second accuracy will cost 3,00,000 INR and it can go up to 30,00,000 INR for a highly advanced Robotic Total Station.

Purpose of Work: Why will you use your Total Station for? Knowing this will help you decide the kind of Total Station that will be more suitable for you, what level of accuracy you need, what will be the idle range you require, how portable your total station should be, and how easy it should be to set up.

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