Monitoring is a precise method of surveying in which structures or features that are thought to be moving or have the possibility of moving are repeatedly checked to determine the amount of movement or deflection. Monitoring can be done with the help of Monitoring Station(MS) also called Measuring Station. It is one of the High-end products used in surveying. Topcon brings front line innovation to guarantee the best arrangement for MS.

An MS can be a complicated machine which can be difficult to operate even if you are an expert surveyor so when you buy a MS from Us, we will properly Calibrate Your Machine and Provide you necessary training so that you can Operate your MS with ease and this is not the end. Even after months from your purchase, if you face any problem in the future regarding any feature of your Machine, we will be there to help you. Just give us a Call.

Skipper Technologies is a well-known brand in India that Promotes various Topcon Monitoring Stations at very affordable Prices such as –

The MS Series

The MS Series provides superior measuring precision and is equipped with environmental Protection and various functions necessary in monitoring applications and therefore, can be utilized to configure a high Precision monitoring Station.

Monitoring Station

Monitoring Station

A monitoring surveys is done to identify movement or deformation in any environment using precise ‘3d’ survey instruments and high accuracy reflector less total stations.