Machine Control

Machine Control is a term that has gotten synonymous with the execution of different kinds of on-board grade control frameworks for graders, dozers, scrubbers, excavators, pavers, mill operators, trenchers, loaders and rollers. It signifies such terms, for example, stakes less evaluating, programmed reviewing, laser reviewing, automated reviewing and now GPS Grade Control. Temporary workers and development organizations enormous and little who use machine control frameworks are using the innovation to expand profitability, lessen modify and increment benefits. The Topcon positioning tools used for machine control are GNSS, total stations and Modular Receiver.

Skipper Technologies obtain machine control system position information and instruments from TOPCON to revolutionize Machine Control in India. With Topcon Instruments, now operations could be performed in a more effective and efficient way.

Machine Control


As an efficient tool for surveying, GNSS is often used by solutions requiring millimetre-level accuracy and Topcon GNSS are known to be highly effective in their Work.