A construction site consists of many different complexities. There are often strict guidelines and timelines in place to determine the duration of a project and exactly how a project will be carried out and completed. To carry out these Projects in a Right Way A construction worker must need the right kind of equipment and what equipment is better than TOPCON.

From breaking ground to final inspection, Skipper Technologies’ leading-edge construction solutions give you the Topcon tools to be more efficient, improve your accuracy and better manage your data, machines, and crew.

When the job demands high-quality construction equipment and supplies in India, Skipper Technologies is the one-stop-solution. We sell, provide service, and support the highest quality commercial-grade equipment in India.

Besides the Survey instruments like total stations, theodolites, auto levels, monitoring stations, etc. we also sell related accessories like tripods, surveying bipods, prism, prism poles, Bubbles, Staff and other surveying accessories. For more information about accessories visit our Online Store.

Auto Levels and Theodolites

An Auto level is an automatically levelling high performance optical instrument useful during site surveys and building construction to gather, transfer or set horizontal levels and grade applications.


As an efficient tool for surveying, GNSS is often used by solutions requiring millimetre-level accuracy and Topcon GNSS are known to be highly effective in their Work.

Monitoring Stations

A monitoring surveys is done to identify movement or deformation in any environment using precise ‘3d’ survey instruments and high accuracy reflector less total stations.

Terrestrial Scanner

terrestrial scanners provide detailed and highly accurate 3D data rapidly and efficiently. They are rugged and fully portable instruments, tested under strict conditions for a reliable performance even under highly demanding environmental conditions.

Total Station

Topcon Total Station (Manual, Robotic) is the most widely preferred modern surveying instrument in the civil industry. Civil engineers acquainted with the use of Topcon Total Stations are hence preferred in the industry.