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Growth of the plants requires different chemicals. Other than traditional way of additives to the soil, the other prominent way is using different chemicals, which can be used directly to the plants.

Skipper has entered into contracts with major sources to supply Urea and Potash. With the vast experience in this field, Skipper has become a reliable and trustworthy player in this segment.

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Urea fertilizer provides nitrogen, which promotes green leafy growth that not only makes CROPS look lush, but is also important for photosynthesis. In general, urea will provide the most nitrogen at the lowest cost. … It contains large amounts of nitrogen, which is essential for healthy plant growth.


Potassium is a major crop nutrient after phosphorous and nitrogen. It is important for agriculture as it improves water retention, yield and nutrient value of food crops.
Potash prevents crops from rooting by proper growth of roots. Using potash, the cell wall of the plants is thick and the stem is increased in the layers of the chamber, which in turn leads to the fall of the crop.