Auto Levels / Theodolites

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Key Points about Auto Levels:

  • An Auto Level is a professional Levelling Tool used by surveyors, contractors, and builders for Accurate Levelling.
  • Auto Levels set up fast, are easy to use, and save time and money on every job.
  • An Auto Level requires A Tripod and a Levelling Staff to function.
  • The accuracy of an Auto Level is very high and results are very reliable.
  • This instrument is very Affordable.

Key Points about Digital Levels:

  • Digital levels are precise instruments used for precise Levelling.
  • Operation of digital levels is based on the digital processing of video information from the coded staff.
  • The measurement of a Digital Level is very accurate, efficient and reliable due to automation and designed for the toughest jobs.
  • A Digital Level also requires Levelling Staff and a Tripod to function.
  • The price of this instrument is more than Auto Level.

Key Points about Electronic Digital Theodolite:

  • Electronic Digital Theodolite is a precision instrument used for measuring angles in between designated visible points of the horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Digital theodolites consist of a telescope that is mounted on a base, and an electronic screen that is used to display horizontal and vertical angles.