Agro Products


  • Rich experience in Agro
  • Global player in commodities
  • Global presence
  • Customer oriented approach

Skipper a trend setter in agro industry delivered superior quality Agro products across the globe. Huge product portfolio of distinctive Agro products , along-with diverse marketing contracts allows us to reach every corner of the world. Exposure and in-depth knowledge of the industry helped to understand the ever-changing global markets.

Skipper offers Agro commodities with superior quality at very competitive prices through our global network. Strong network, combined with their international trading experience, has helped Skipper to foster and flourish in this business.

Product Range

Beans and Pulses

Skipper acquires Pulses from selected reliable sources from different regions adhering to the global standards of taste and nutrition. Our range includes Chick Peas, Black Matpe, Pigeon Peas, Lentils, Yellow and Green Peas, Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Green Mung Beans, Black Eye Beans, Dun Peas etc.

Oil Seeds

Oilseeds are produced for extraction of oil which can be further used for medicinal, industrial or culinary purposes. The major oilseeds traded by Skipper Overseas Enterprises are: Soy, Mustard, Rapeseeds, Sunflower Seeds and Sesame etc.


Skipper has vast experience in sourcing quality rice from countries like India, Thailand, Vietnam and exporting to different countries globally.


Skipper sources wheat from major wheat growing regions of the world like Russia, Canada, Australia, Indiaetc


Skipper has ventures with well established and reliable sources for sugar.