Five features of the Topcon Total Stations which make it stand unique

Five features of the Topcon Total Stations which make it stand unique

21 June 2018

Total stations are deployed in the measurement of object’s sloping distances, horizontal as well as the vertical angles. Mainly used by civil engineers and land surveyors, total station finds their applications in topography surveying. In place of the civil engineers and land surveyors, the total stations are also used by the archaeologists, crime scene investigators, and reconstructionist.

Topcon Total Stations are integrated systems of microprocessors, storage systems, and electronic data collectors. Today, there are multiple brands in the market rendering quality assured total stations to their clients. But, to exploit the total stations for the maximum use, the customers need to focus on specific factors.

What are the applications of total stations?

  • The total station has following applications: 
  • Measurement of horizontal and Vertical Angles 
  • Determination of horizontal, inclined and vertical distances 
  • Obtain three-dimensional coordinates of a point 
  • Detection of the remote object’s elevation 
  • Location of the points at a predetermined distance from the gridlines

Talking about the Topcon, the Topcon Total Stations have following five features which makes them stand unique: 

Fastest Working Mechanism: These total stations are engineered to exhibit the quickest working mechanism. It has a turning speed of about 180 degrees per second. The turning speed imparts the desired acceleration for gearing up the total stations with increased efficacy. 

Ultra Slim Body: The next feature of Topcon Total Stations is that it possesses an ultra-slim body. The ultra slim body facilitates its handling purposes across long distances.

Long range communication of data: Topcon Total Stations are designed in such a way that they facilitate data communication over an extended range. These total stations are based on wireless technology which effectuates the long-range data communication. 

Reflector-less Technology Support: The total stations from Topcon are based on reflector-less operations. The uniqueness of Topcon lies in its traditional pinpoint precision feature. This pinpoint precision feature assists in the reflector-less measurement of distances. They are accurate enough even with the reflector sheets.

The Advanced System for Angular Measurements: The Topcon total stations are equipped with absolute encoders. The presence of the absolute encoders is meant to impact reliability for a longer term to withstand the hustles in any of the job-site conditions. The IACS facilitates the precise angle measurement. IACS stands for Independent Angle Calibration System. 

User-Friendly Mode of Operation: These are specifically designed to operate with the user- friendly mode. They are both waterproof and dustproof. These are few characteristics of best Topcon Total Stations. Consider these crucial points before you finalize your total stations purchase from any dealer. Besides, do check their quality assurance certification.

Meta: Topcon Total Stations have gained market supremacy with their
unsurpassable features facilitating the precision measurement system.