GPS vs Windows Total Station

GPS vs Windows Total Station

21 June 2018

Current site positioning system incorporates various tools that offer a range of high quality check, measuring and positioning jobs to perform fast and quicker operations throughout the life cycle. The world has never witnessed a tool that could perfectly perform all the operation alone. Whilst in the domain of positioning windows total station have been found to occupy its place. Primarily in areas of construction and also industries related to machine control . 

The Positioning system of the underlying sites are now seem to turn over from complex to easier to use tools. There are various TS dealers in NCR who offer a range of products at affordable prices. 

GPS or Total Station
There has been no such law or rule to determine which one is better. The importance and usage of both depends on a number of factors. On the basis of the work being performed, a combination of price and the underlying performance amidst the scale determines which is perfect for a particular job. However some guidelines are given below to decide which to choose:

  • GPS based systems are highly recommended for the sites that are quite large and has accuracy requirements of more than 8 millimeters. As gps system are dependent on satellite signals they work the best at places that have no obstruction towards the sky. On the other hand Window Total Station are effective at sites that give prime importance to accuracy for stakeout, site positioning, measurements and grade checking. 
  • GPS are used on poles or even for some sites mounted on a vehicle. This in a way helps having the Instrument moved all around the site and thereby creating a lot of important information related to grade checking, performing measurements and many more. Total station are limited to a range more than GNSS system, they are best for sites that demand high degree of accuracy. 
  • Being mounted on the vehicles, give the site owner the opportunity to have a closer view of the location and also keep a track of the program made in the working. Total station have no such facilities and are restricted to certain areas and is best suited for sites that have accuracy measurements of 3 millimeter. 
  • GPS sites are advantageous when it comes to tracking the constellation, GPS, Galileo, compass and are primarily referred to as GPS receivers. Totals station are found to use reflectorless measurement technology for keeping a track of the site involved. 
  • Being able to track the satellite and constellation, GPS are effective in providing a better coverage of the site along with its performance even at places that are surrounded by building or tree canopy. On the other hand, TS dealers in NCR uses the technology that enables the owner to accurately measure the site at a particular  location without the requirement of a prism in a way making these system perfect for measuring volume and keep a track of the progress at the site.

Meta: Whether you need the convenience and flexible operation of GPS or the high level of
accuracy a total station provides. You can choose it as per your needs.