Fastest Total Solution- Topcon Total Solution

Fastest Total Solution- Topcon Total Solution

20 June 2018

Topcon offers the fastest and the most reliable equipment for monitoring total stations. With the need of effective technologies that could employ accurate measures to achieve faster and secure means of survey.

The Topcon Total Station has release many optical instruments that offer wide range of benefits along with ensuring effective means for land surveying. The main aim with which they seem to work is bringing such products in the market that ensures application of new technologies along with the motive to employ faster Surveying methodologies. The survey is meant to be carried out in conjunction with the fastest Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) on the market.

One of the most widely used instruments by the Topcon Total Solution is the GM series and the OS series. They are designed in a way that puts forward five features separating them from all other series manufactured by the Topcon. It has new features added to enhance the productivity, security, the speed with which work is measured and the overall accuracy. As a result of this, these instruments are not just beneficial for general surveying but also is advantageous for instance of mining, construction, civil purpose etc. 

Features They Own

While the GM series is available in accuracy models of 1  AND 5” , the OS series ranges between 1 AND 2”. The major features incorporated in these models are stated as below: 

  • These are not restricted to light or dry lands. The all new OS and the GM series are compatible with dark or wetlands. They are feasible with surveying of wetlands for a longer range. They can measure distances up-to 500/1000m away and in a reflector-less mode. For application in coal mines, dark roof surfaces this instrument can be a boon. Though these measurements were earlier considered difficult but with Topcon monitoring total solutions have become easier. 
  • Using radios have been the trend past few years for surveying the poles, but that was a tedious task. The Topcon Total Solution eliminates the needs to use radio and can effectively survey from the pole. The efficient way of combining the station with a Bluetooth enabled collector ensure effective data attribution thereby minimizing error. 
  • Measures of cornered object have always been the most challenging task. This series has a narrow beam that is very advantageous in terms of measuring narrow objects as thin as that of a wire. It also helps in measurements beyond the hence curbing the time needed to cross the same. 
  • Utilizing the most effective EDM rates, the series is found to save a lot of time. With a rate of 0.9sec time to measure 500/1000m in the reflector-less mode and 4000m in standard mode, the series offer the most accurate and quick measurement which eventually is time saviour.